“Eat, Drink and Be Covered” by Zooppa’s Pepto-Bismol Contest

While it’s great to, say, throw a party, eat some grub and have some fun, nobody wants to think about the morning after. Luckily, Pepto-Bismol is there to take care of the aftermath for you, as the “witty friend” who believes that when the opportunity presents itself, you should take the chance to enjoy life.

And while we’re on the subject of enjoying life, you might be interested in the huge awards package of $30,000 that Pepto is giving away in this competition.

Think pink, in the pink, tickled pink—forgive us, but these days we’re feeling particularly pretty in pink as the competition hits its last quarter. As one of Procter & Gamble’s products, you can bet that Pepto is high profile. Procter & Gamble, in fact, is one of the most admired and the biggest advertiser in the world, in 2007 spending more on U.S. advertising than any other company. This is an incredible opportunity to add P&G to your reel and show the company what you can do with your camera.

Yes, this one definitely comes with a more intensive creative brief. Pepto is asking you to create a cohesive series of 4 15-second commercials connected to the 4 major holiday seasons outlined for you in the downloadable creative brief. We know, though, that the Zooppa community has proven over and over again that they’re up to the challenge. And hey, while the creative brief challenges you to balance a lot of elements in both arenas of concept and execution, the heart of the brief comes back to having fun, being spontaneous, taking life by the horns. (And perhaps assisting all that strenuous life-embracing with a little too much food.)

The full brief is available for download. Read it very carefully in order to make sure you have all the technical aspects clear, and understand what Pepto is looking for, as they are more specific in this brief than others have been. Since the brief is more complicated, don’t hesitate to check in with the Pepto-Bismol forum to get your questions answered!

We’ll spare you more enthusiastic plays on the Pepto pink, and keep it simple: Don’t forget to have fun with your commercials, get them in, and remember that Pepto’s got you covered.

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