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Let’s talk about something nobody has ever talked about before. Let’s think undying thoughts fit for the honored platform that is the blogosphere. I’m just gonna say it. VAMPIRES. Twilight. TrueBlood. The Vampire Diaries. Did you know the TrueBlood and Vampire Diaries books series came out long before the debut of the Twilight book series? Some might say– plots were stolen, archetypes, borrowed. But I believe it was Wagner or Bob Dylan or Pablo Picasso or Rush Limbaugh or somebody who said, “ALL ART IS IMITATION, GREAT ART IS THIEVERY.” Here’s the deal. Vampires are sexy. We, the youth of 21st century America, harbor a collective oral fixation. This genre has become our visual vice. Visual vice is perfect for the communication of allegory. So our vampires plots convey political messages about discrimination and racism. Our vampire plots rehash religious stories. Our vampire characters are symbolic of THE INDIVIDUAL’s internal moral struggle. Our vampires (though ageless) come to age. Boyz 2 Men. Girls become Women. And they play out the theme, that, like themselves, will never die: Teen Sexuality.

And now our vampires are served straight up (without ice!) in the most recent fruition, Fifty Shades of Grey, which was voted the most popular and effective Mother’s Day gift of 2012. If you want to make the big $, it seems, you must involve yourself in a project that spins The Vampire Cog in some new direction. I am personally not smart enough to imagine what this might be. I believe the truer challenge is this: Make your own genre. Create a new visual vice for 21st century allegory making. What niche film genre tickles your fancy? What is YOUR fantasy and what is your strategy for exploiting it? How does the creative dialectic build new genres? Build your own genre. Forget the vampires. Personally, I might like to see a Chewbacca prequel fad. Or something to do with fairies. Unless… you’re stuck on the oral fixation and don’t care to evolve. If this is the case, you are not alone. Let’s be friends.

Jasmine Moore

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