4,000 $ at stake on Zooppa.com to the winner of Conto Arancio’s contest

ING Direct, the on-line bank with over 20 millions users worldwide, chose Zooppa.com to promote Conto Arancio, its top product, which is well known for the renowned orange pumpkin. A choice that confirms the success and the efficacy of the user-generated advertising platform, which saw its community going beyond 21,000 users in a little more than a year and hosted contests for big national and international brands.

From July 28 Zooppa.com community can participate in the contest carrying out banner or print ads to promote Conto Arancio, the deposit account that offers the security of a maximum-level gain and the guarantee of a company that knows the markets and knows how to get the best for its clients, together with the simplicity activation.

4,000 $ are the prize at stake for this contest, which will be open until September 22. The winner will be awarded not only by the community, but by ING Direct itself, which will select the best works, giving thus a strong signal of involvement and attention that awards the potential of Zooppa.com’s creativity and virality.

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