5 Content Marketing trends of 2017…

Are you aware of what your business needs to stay on trend and get more attention? According to Martech Advisor, these 5 trends in content marketing are the ones to watch in 2017:

1. Live Streaming

Live streaming has started to grow in popularity, and it will only continue to grow in 2017. Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and Snapchat all offer easy to use platforms to host events, product launches, tours, etc. Essentially more content for consumers.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality might finally take off in 2017. Companies are finally starting to VR to highlight their products. This can potentially be an extremely powerful way of showcasing your products to consumers. This trend probably won’t be available to small and medium sized businesses yet, however the technology costs will become cheaper over time.

3. Email Newsletters

Email open rates are actually increasing, so if your business was considering to create a newsletter, 2017 is the year for you.

4. Storytelling

The key part of marketing will be the storytelling rather than the classic case study. Engage your audience and tell them a story.

5. Push Advertising –> Native Advertising

Native advertising will soon be replacing push advertising. Ads should be disguised advertising rather than the annoying pop up ads. They aren’t going away, no matter how much your customers hate them. They are simply evolving.

Distribution Channels

Mobile content has become crucial for content marketing in general. People are consuming more content on their mobile phones or tablets rather than computer screens. As a company, your marketing and content should be designed and created for mobile consumption first.

Read more details from about 2017 content marketing trends by Forbes.

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