5000 Seconds: The First User-Generated Feature Film

5000 seconds is the first user-generated feature film. This is how it works: You (creative/inspired public) create and submit multimedia content. They select the best submissions and edit them into a 5000 second film. That would be 1 hour, 23 minutes, and 23 seconds. Exactly. 5000 seconds has some award-winning help on board to make the film a reality. Emmy award winning editor Erik C. Andersen and Grammy winner and TV personality Paul Shaffer are both associated with the project.


The call for entries is broad: “The first 5000 Seconds feature will be a collection of everything that inspires us in this world. We are looking for original and unique footage, stories, photos and music that will touch us, make us laugh, or impress us in any way.”

Given Zooppa’s position on the future of open sourced creativity, we are excited to see the outcome. We thought that you would be interested in hearing about it too. What do you guys think about the project?

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