7 Jimmy Buffet Songs for Video Contest Inspiration

First and foremost, the Early Entry Award for Margartiaville Cargo’s Ultimate Party Host Video Contest is Monday, October 17 – submit yours through Zooppa or Margaritaville Cargo’s Facebook Page today!

Secondly, I’ve suddenly realized how very little I know about Jimmy Buffet.

I know that Jimmy Buffet is a bestselling author. I’ve eaten at his restaurant. And I’ve enjoyed his brand of margarita drink mixers, though sadly with none of my Zooppa co-workers (all me and the rest of the interns can say is: CAUGHT!).

But when it comes to Captain Buffet’s music I don’t know much. Apparently there’s something out there called “The Big 8”, the best of Buffet, the absolute must hear songs for anyone who just wants to drift away. Here I present to you (with help from Wikipedia) Jimmy Buffet’s all time greatest songs.

Changes in Lattitude, Changes in Attitudes

Moral of the story? If we all jumped a plane to the islands there would be world peace. Paris is apparently nice too.


Why Don’t We Get Drunk…?

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this song.


Cheeseburger in Paradise

Buffet is known for his knack of writing songs that conveniently translate well into restaurant chains.


A Pirate Looks at Forty

It could only have been an improvement on the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean if Johnny Depp broke out into this song.



A fun, upbeat song that will no doubt be stuck in my head the rest of the day.



I love YouTube videos that make my Windows Movie Maker skills look like Bruckheimer’s.


Come Monday


Then, of course:


A song that is just torture when looking at the window at torrential downpour.

Want a tropical escape? Add it to your list of things to do once you win the Margaritaville Early Entry Prize of $5,000.

Remember: Early submissions are due October 17!  Find more details here.


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