A letter to you, from Stuart Sterzel, Webtel.mobi CEO

Dear Zooppa contributors,

My name is Stuart Sterzel, and I am the CEO of Webtel.mobi. I have asked Wil Merritt for permission to write a short note to all the Zooppers who contributed videos to our Webtel.mobi competition, to which he kindly agreed.

I’m writing to thank you all very much for your contributions to our competition, and to let you know how much we appreciate the time, trouble and effort that you all put in to making your videos. We’d also like to congratulate you on the excellent quality of your submissions. We’re happy as a company to be associated with a collection of such highly skilled and creative artists. We have watched each and every submission many times over – from the first videos submitted to the competition by chv and cauthier, to the last entries from ActualityFilms and DoctorProfessor.

Our brief to Unruly Media – who project-managed this project for us with Zooppa – was that the competition be opened to absolutely anyone who wanted to submit an entry, and that any submission, whether filmed on a mobile phone or with industry-level equipment & edit suit, should be accepted. Our reason for doing this is that we believe that the most important attribute of any submission is one which exhibits personal excellence in creative concept and idea.

We take the view that no person should be hindered in excelling and being able to compete with the best of us on a level playing field – regardless of background, financial situation or any other artificial constraint. We believe that the capability for excellence resides in everyone who wants to let it shine through, and we won’t let anything that we’re involved with prevent people who want to excel from doing so.

Well, I have to say that you absolutely proved the point that excellence resides in you all. Your video submissions were excellent, and anyone watching them can see the effort, focus and concentration on the brief – as well as the outstanding way in which you all applied your own creative processes to produce unique-concept videos.

We are sure that it takes courage, confidence and the application of all your skill and talent to create a video production (often with limited resources), which you then place on the site for public scrutiny and comment from your peers – especially when the competing standard is so high.

We believe that it is an achievement and a success in and of itself for you to have been part of this really remarkable competition, and hope that you will come away with the satisfaction of knowing that you really have the talent and ability to compete with the highest quality productions and agencies in the world – and that this will help you to achieve more and more success in the future. This in itself is a win.

Just as “Citizen Journalists” are now mainstream participants in the professional news industry, so it is our view that “Citizen Marketers” are also mainstream participants in the professional media industry, and should be interacted with as professional creative artists.

As such, we’d like to give you advance notice that our company will be staging a global media event later this year, and that due to the fantastic spirit, community values and standards that you have proved through this competition, we’ll be including Zooppa and the Zooppers in this event by holding another competition on Zooppa about that event.

Before finishing, we’d like to thank Wil Merritt and all of the management and staff of Zooppa.com for their professional, efficient and capable management of this competition and their site. We believe that Zooppa.com is the leading site internationally for community-driven competitions such as the one that we’ve just held, and that it is a first-mover in this industry – set for great success in the future. We’d also like to thank Sarah Wood, Scott Button and all the staff at Unruly Media – who referred us to Zooppa, and who managed the competition for our company in such a highly professional manner.

In closing, to all the Zooppers who entered this competition, we’d like to say thank you again for all of your inspired and focused effort, and we’d also like to congratulate you again on exhibiting the qualities of personal excellence and ability, that shone through so brightly in your work.

Best regards.


Stuart Sterzel
CEO – Webtel.mobi
(And also on behalf of everyone at Webtel.mobi)

Meme E


  1. It’s so refreshing to be invited into the community of Zooppers by a company that values ideas, however lacking in pure professional execution they maybe. Not having the latest high end equipment in this competition doesn’t seem to have been a killer. I hope the final results reflect this approach.

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