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By day she is an office-worker, mother and wife that brings out balances and candies in plenty, by night she is a creative that looks for the right idea for each contest. A factotum woman, engaged at work, at home and on Zooppa! This is Laura1976, who in our community found an outlet for her creativity and surprise us with always different and original ideas; we hope to keep being up to her dreams! Maybe we’ll find it out right among her words…

Can you tell us a bit about you? Tell us everything that you’d like other Zooppers to know about you.
Hi everybody! It would be of use an encyclopedia to present me, but I’ll try to synthesize myself. My name is Laura, I’m almost 32 years old and live in Vicenza. I am married to Riccardo, who supports me for 7 years, and we have two children: Anna, 5, who likes horses, and Matteo, 1, who by now restricts himself to explore the world that surrounds him. There’s also Tea, a collie bred dog. My family spends my time, my thoughts and above all my heart. My work? I work as an office-worker and my day’s work is based on salaries, balances and ledger. Zooppa is my escape way, my little corner of the world, where I can use my creativity and my fantasy at most. For my husband’s joy, that otherwise is supposed to spend his days with the drill in hand, attaching brackets, assembling and moving furniture! I’m always in continuous movement, with something whipping in my head, a thousand solutions, inventions, possibilities, well, combinations. I am an autodidact and have many hobbies that vary from decoupage to reading, from sewing to music, from art to gardening, from DIY to furniture, from sport to architecture, but lately I devote myself above all to my culinary side. My kitchen is a continuous experimentation of new recipes, above all cakes and liquor, and I sue my relatives and friends as guinea pigs! My sorrow is never having attended an artistic Liceo, in order to enrich, cultivate and develop my knowledge and my creativity. Next objectives: to learn how to use a graphic software – a present from my husband, who supports my passions – and to open a sewing blog. My wish: I want a world up to my dreams!

How did you find out Zooppa and what made you participate? Zooppa is a casual discovery, I found the Pago campaign ad on a magazine – Donna Moderna (our note). I clicked, tried, and now I can’t help it: Zooppa became a kind of “drug”, finally a place where I can give vent to my fantasy!

You have begun with Pago and then you didn’t stop anymore, bringing out so many works, above all ideas, original and creative. How are they born? What inspires you? Yes, I posted many ideas, I bring them out just like id o with my candies! My mind works 24 hours a day, my fantasy is unlimited, I always have a notepad around me to take notes and sometimes it happens to have the flash of genius in the middle of the night! Inspiration comes from everyday life, from what’s around me, from what I live and breathe, from what I am or wish I was, from my children, from the people I meet on the road, from an image or a sentence caught instantly. Sometimes it’s the revision of a pay off, or a flash, an image that catches my mind, a fantasy flight… and here it is my idea for Zooppa.

Our community became a big family of advertising. Do you like all this interaction and collaboration among the zooppers? I like to be in this “widened family” that’s Zooppa, very much. I am not that much into chatting, but here I made acquaintances, found friends, collaborations, all kinds of people, those who are gentle, those who are unscrupulous, and that’s how it goes in every family, even more if there’s money at stake. Having opinions and advices from other zooppers is very useful, even those negative ones can be useful, not polemizing is enough. Interacting and collaborating with the other zooppers I think it’s very important, both personally and professionally. Let’s think about me: no graphics knowledge at all, but I know that if I post a concept I can find somebody able to make it real and this pushes me on. Zooppa is for me a big school: I admire the spontaneity of Possend’s works, the simplicity and originality of Cappesante and Gianky’s, the art of Talentosprecato, the innovative creativity of Ved_ova_bianca, the genius of animation Hem, Adimo e Werther, the works and ideas of Sqell, Zebra, NeoZoopper e Teomando. I envy them!

What kind of relation do you have with the advertising world? Are you a fan of classic advertising or do you prefer the advertising that breaks the rules, that one more alternative… like Zooppa?
Advertising world always bewitched me; I would like to bring out advertising campaigns instead of bringing out balances! Maybe achieving all the ideas that pop up in my mind! To please me, an ad must attract my attention, transfer the message at once, touch me, and amaze me. Ideal advertising must be direct, simple original, innovative, never banal and foreseen. Alternative advertising, outside classic formats, is that one that attracts me most, because it’s turned to a young and anti-conformist audience, t’s turned to future. Classic advertising (for example that with the happy little family) made its way but for some brands it’s still a kind of warhorse.

Which contest didi you like the most and why? I don’t have a favorite contest. I am affected for the Pago one because it was the first for me, when I discovered Zooppa. With Oxydo I lost my mind and from there I couldn’t stop. For Lastminute.com I was able to achieve a simple video and this makes me proud. I expect to get better, to be able to do something more, maybe something that’s winning!

Can brands influence on your participation in a contest? What brands would you like to see on Zooppa? Brands don’t influence me that much, but sometimes I change the way I create concepts. Brand’s level of notoriety influences how I create a work. Notorious brands have already a pay off that sums up the company or product’s universe, they have a peculiar style and that must be respected. This blocks my fantasy a little, but it’s not an obstacle. I prefer a brand to which I can create at most, from nothing, without limits. What brands would I like to see? I wouldn’t know… But I would like to discover how zoppers would get off with a classic brand, where the happy little family, all tenderness and smiles, is at home. I would like to turn change this old kind of advertising, to bring out a blast wind of innovation. Well, I would like to break the rules… like Zooppa! Good work everybody! J

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