**ALERT** Wrong Song in Brad Paisley File!

Zooppa Alert
It was brought to our attention that we had the wrong Brad Paisley song in the Logo Files for the Brad Paisley Competition.

We mistakenly had a song called “Then” instead of “American Saturday Night”, the title track from Brad Paisley’s new album.  We have switched it out and the correct song is now in the Logo Files.

If you downloaded the Logo Files before 6/16, you may have the wrong song.  Even if the file says “American Saturday Night”, it may in fact be the wrong song.  If your file does not have the chorus “Just another American Saturday night” at the 1:13 mark of the track, then you have the wrong song.

If you have already submitted an entry with the wrong song, it is likely that it won’t be considered for the competition awards.  Please re-download the Logo Files and amend your submissions.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion that this has caused.  Thanks to lou1492 for giving us a heads up.

Thanks for understanding and we hope you have fun with this competition!

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