All the leaves are brown.

“And the sky is gray.

I’ve been for a walk.

On a winter’s day.”

If these words spark a memory of a past road trip, or a starred Spotify selection, than you are likely very familiar with The Mamas and the Papas, and their hit song “California Dreamin'”. The lyrics of the song express the longing for the warmth of California during a cold winter, which I feel many of us (especially us Seattleites) can relate to.

Bring the song back to life with your rendition of this California classic tune! Whether you like to ride a killer wave, stroll the boardwalk, cycle along the pier, or hike the majestic peaks, you can conjure those images of California life with your beautiful voice singing an original performance of all or part of the song “California Dreamin’”. Make your mama and papa proud by checking out the contest and putting your creative shoes on. We are excited to see what your pretty voices sound like! The deadline on Zooppa is Friday, March 15th at 4pm PST!

Meme E

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