ANCI teams up with Zooppa USA and Zooppa Italia

Seattle, WA, January 21, 2009–Zooppa USA and Zooppa Italia team up to launch a new competition for Italian Footwear Manufacturers’ Association, ANCI.  This is the first time a Zooppa competition will be held on two platforms simultaneously, making it an international competition.  ANCI has chosen user-generated advertising company Zooppa to promote its new brand “I Love Italian Shoes,” through a creative video ad.  Zooppa Community Manager Tim Satre states, “We are very excited to run this competition in both countries.  Italian shoes are known worldwide for their quality.  The ANCI campaign will give Americans and Italians alike a chance to express their love for Italian shoes.”

ANCI includes over 1,000 manufacturing companies, which represents 70% of all Italian footwear production.  The Association is dedicated to promoting the image of Italian footwear, representing its exceptional quality, creative design and style.

Zooppa members will be challenged to create a video ad portraying the “I Love Italian Shoes” brand that captures the values of Italian shoemaking.  Competition winners will be chosen by ANCI and the Zooppa community via online voting and will receive prizes totaling $4,000. Competition ends February 26, 2009.

About Zooppa
Founded by the European high-tech incubator H-Farm, Zooppa is the first to create a space online for social advertising through user-generated content.  Zooppa is an innovative new advertising model that has the potential to connect people from all over the world who already belong to a community-of-interest.  This community-of-interest is composed of people who want to make, see, or buy great creative that will influence people and move product.  Zooppa partners with companies and organizations and features their brands.  Members worldwide are invited to create their own ads such as videos, print, banners, radio and even conceptual treatments for sponsoring brands.  The Zooppa community members vote for the best ads whose creators received cash awards and industry recognition.  For more information, please see http://www.zooppa.com.

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