“Real Challenge, Real Difference” Awards Announced

Yes friends, the time has come. Briefing has occurred. Tallies have been counted. Decisions have been made. The final results are in for the Challenge Butter contest! We have our winning videos, and they are inventive and fantastic!

First place, bragging rights, and over 7k in prize money (woah!) goes to a compelling story on the challenge of growing up. We all know that growing up isn’t the easiest; however several moments are often quite exciting, as every experience is brand new. First touch.First smile. First steps. First taste. First flavor. Be sure to take a gander! Watch.

Our second place video demonstrates a classic tale of one generation passing along a lesson to the newer, younger generation. As we know, it is common in families to pass on secret, insider only recipes, and often the secret may be something as simple as “only using the very best ingredients.” Watch our Silver status winner here, and congrats on being $5,000 richer!

And last but not least, our third place winner and recipient of $2,500 in cash, tells a tale of passion and heart through “real good baked goods”.  If it is made with Challenge Butter, then it certainly is made with love and happiness.  Watch the magic!

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thanks to all of our participants in this contest! We enjoyed watching your stories, and can’t wait to see your inventive creations in future contests here at Zooppa as well!

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