Announcing Horizon Milk Video Contest

Hey Zooppers!

We have a new video contest for you. It’s the Horizon Milk Back to School Blues Video Contest.

We’re challenging you filmmakers to create a 60 seconds or less video about the trials of Moms who are getting their kids ready for the new school year.

Total prizes amount in $15,000. We have voting and client awards for this contest.

The Awards Breakdown:

Client Awards
Grand Prize: $7,000
2nd Place: $2,500
3rd Place: $1,000
4th Place: $1,000
5th Place: $500
6th Place: $500
7th Place: $500
8th Place: $500

“Voter’s Choice” Prizes
1st Place: $500
2nd Place: $400
3rd Place: $300
4th Place: $200
5th Place: $100

Hope to see some funny vids! Check out the full brief here.

Take it easy,

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