Backpack on the shoulder for Zooppa

The time has come for zooppers to put the backpack on the shoulder and adventure themselves with Invicta. This historic backpack brand, symbol of an entire generation, chose to engage Zooppa, reference social network for user generated advertising, in the first act of a brand new communication campaign.

From March 17 Zooppa community users are expected to portray – with videos, print ads, words and images – the rebirth of a brand that returns in a big way to represent youth identity and their life style. Freedom of movement, pleasure of discovering, everyday unpredictability, these are the values with which zooppers will wrestle until April 23 on zooppa.com. Everyone can participate in the contest simply joining the community.

Most voted works within the community will contend a jackpot of 4000 Zoop$, that’s the virtual currency managed by ZoopBank, one Zoop$ is equal to one US dollar. Invicta also put at stake for this contest its limited edition products, which will be assigned by the company and Zooppa staff to the most original works, attuned to the brand creativity.

Zooppa is confirming to be the reference social network for user generated advertising, constantly connecting with well known national and international companies which are interested in experiment an innovative and original way of advertising. “Zooppa is connected to a business model in which people and companies make contact within a viral context, based on creativity,” states Zooppa marketing manager Elisa Perillo. “So trying to invert the relation between advertising communication and users, in order to make customers partaker to the success of a campaign and letting companies to establish a dialog with their costumers”.

More and more brands choose Zooppa as a partner for entering the virtual and dynamic social advertising ambient. On the other hand, Zooppa invests non-stop in new projects to offer a stimulating ambient, attuned to users creativity and the wish for novelty of the brands that choose it.

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