🎁Best Holiday gifts for Photographers & Filmmakers🎅🏼

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The holidays are here and it's time to get those last minute gifts if you haven't already. We've compiled a list of 10 perfect gifts for the photographer and filmmaker in your life.
1. Universal Camera Cage - $59.95 This is the perfect tool belt for your camera! 2. Lume Cube - $79.99 This light is the best for action camera or GoPro users. It's waterproof AND it can be controlled via wifi. 3. GoPro HERO 5 - $399.00 The latest GoPro shoots in 4K, is waterproof, and has voice controls. 4. Light Reflector - $39.90 Every filmmaker or photographer needs a reflector. This one is a 5-in-1, with silver, gold, black, white, and translucent fabric! 5. Gorillapod - $49.55 It's the perfect accessory for your camera to capture those tough-to-get shots with its flexible and trappable legs. 6. Flycam DSLR Nano Stabilizer Steady Rig - $260.70 Easy to use for taking shots from multiple angles! This carbon fiber stabilizer is for cameras weighing 1.5kg (3.3lb) to 2kg (4.4lb). 7. Collection of Lenses - $79.98 Any filmmaker would be happy to receive this accessory kit for Canon EOS Rebel DSLR. Includes Fisheye and Wide Angle lenses. 8. Professional Gear Backpack - $99.99 This anti-theft gear backpack is the perfect for the photographer and filmmaker on the go. It holds SLR/DSLR cameras and a 15" MacBook Pro with a waterproof rain cover. 9. Director's Clapboard Slate - $36.70 Get this Director's Clapboard Slate which is perfect to help sync up all your audio and video. 10. Professional Flash Kit - $69.99 Everyone needs a great flash kit, try this out for starters! This is for Canon DSLR with E-TTL Flash AP-C1001, with a wireless flash trigger set and accessories.
Regardless what you get, it will be an amazing gift! Happy holidays, from the Zooppa fam.

Chantal Wong

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