Brad Paisley: Beyond the Brief Files

American country musician Brad Paisley.
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It’s been exciting seeing the Brad Paisley entries coming in, and the banner entries have been really great…I’m always impressed by what I see here at Zooppa.

That being said, I want to make something clear: You CAN use more than just the files provided in the brief for your entry.

In fact, it would tickle me pink to see the community use their  film making skills to shoot some amazing musical ads.  Get together with your family and friends and feel free to use more than just the files provided in the brief.  Use whatever you can dream up: we would love to see video, animation, claymation…you name it.

Listen to the lyrics, there’s some great imagery in  ‘American Saturday Night.’

We look to you, creatives, to launch this album with your most inspiring work.

Go out there, grab your friends, dust off the guitar and show us your best  ‘American Saturday Night!’


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