Brad Paisley Competition: Only a few days left!

American country musician Brad Paisley.
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The Brad Paisley competition is coming to a close on August 3rd.

I know there are a lot of great entries coming in at the last moment and I can’t wait to see them.

We will not accept late entries, so please get your entry in as soon as possible to avoid any complications when uploading.

Some users have reported that certain browser/computer/firewall combinations do not allow uploading, so it is important to give yourself a day or two to troubleshoot any problems ahead of time.

Good luck and here’s to some excellent Brad Paisley videos!


Meme E


  1. i think zooppa and the client should have made a package available of approved material for a project like this.. so we would not have to search and wonder if we can use it or not…if a package like this was made available i couldn’t find it….we at least should have had the 90 sec. version of the song made for us instead of having to buy it

  2. Hi bgreen,

    In the brief/logo files, we put an edited 90 second version of American Saturday Night. The video can be an interpretation of this song and does not have to even show Brad Paisley at all. Think of it as a music-video-story. You could even make your own original animation if you like.

    So far we have had a good selection of videos and styles. I am looking forward to seeing all of the entries that are still coming in, there has been some great ads!


  3. I only found a sony release form and a creative brief two pdf’s no music when i down load them (the logo and brief file are the same file no music where was it ? just some file called (original)

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