Brief news. From You Tube’s top 100 to the Creativity Day

Some news from Zooppa’s world.

Do you know who came to visit us last Tuesday? USA’s ambassador in Italy, Ronald P. Spogli. If his name is new for you, here’s his personal profile: http://italy.usembassy.gov/ambassador/bio-it.asp The ambassador, in Venice for legal reasons related to his work, came to visit Zooppa and the other H-farm’s realities. In the picture you see a demonstration of Zooppa.

We decided to show the most recent uploaded video to that date. The chance was fell to Zebra01’s Director’s Cut spot and Spogli demonstrated to have had quite fun with it.


Another news is the “little” winning post reached on Youtube: last Saturday we entered in the top 100 list (on 75th place!) of the video-accounts most viewed od the day, and took a merit note on Youtube bigzooppa’s page. Here’s the screenshot.

Then the last Friday article on Il Mondo: a beautiful report containing some ads and a few names of yours. There’s still time to find it at the newsstand. In the meantime you can satisfy your curiosity clicking here http://it.zooppa.com/assets/extra_file/file/19/Il_Mondo_23-05-08.pdf

Finally, on June 4, 2:30 pm, in Venice, Zooppa will be present at the Creativity Day with a seminar of presentation on non-conventional marketing based on Zooppa world, User Generated Advertising http://www.creativityday.it/visualcity2008/advertising.asp.

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