Cap-Sac Featured in Swedish Art ‘Zine

Swedish online art ‘zine Svartkonst is a platform for promoting underexposed or unestablished creativity. Pretty awesome. Even more awesome, is that Cap-Sac is featured in their new issue, Folk/Low Key. Cap-Sac also made a major appearance durning their most recent monthly gallery/bar/party/performance concept. Thats right, even the Swedish, trendsetters and hipsters extrordinaire, are on board with Cap-Sac. Check out the pictures. I wish I had been there.

capsac dj

There are two days left to submit video or print ads for Zooppa’s Cap-Sac Competition. If you are on the fence about uploading your work, Do It! Cap-Sac is becoming a worldwide sensation. Don’t you want to be able to say that you were a part of it from the beginning?


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