Casa.it: Not a House, but a Home

Hey Zooppers! Our Italian friends have a contest that they would love your participation in. The job is for a company called Casa.it, an online housing market that makes it easy to buy, sell, and rent properties via the internet. They are one of the biggest real estate networks in Italy and their site gets 2.5 million new visitors each month. So it sounds like a pretty great opportunity for you, the Zooppers of America, to globalize your amazing talent and get noticed in Italy!

Casa.it believes that a house is nothing if not a home. Their goal is to help each customer find a place where they can feel safe and secure, living their life in comfort and contentment with their surroundings. Casa.it knows that buying a house is an emotional decision that has more to do with a family’s lifestyle than a mere building. Your mission with this project would be to convey those values and emotions in a video or print ad. They are reaching out to you to develop an emotional attachment between the customer and the brand.

Think about the moments that tend to bring out the “soul” in your own home. Anything from a child’s birthday party to a funny moment at the dinner table or playing outside in the yard could make for a great ad. Dig deep for some of the reasons that make your house a home.

There are also some fabulous prizes that will go to the creators of the best video and print ads. $7,600 in total prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest. $4,000 for best video and $3,000 for best print ad. The extra $600 will be awarded to honorable mentions for various entries. The video ads should be 60 seconds max.

We know that we can count on you, our talented Zooppa members, to come up with some great ideas for this contest. Go to the Italian Zooppa site to check out the full brief and all of the details, so that you can get started on this sweet project: http://zooppa.it/contests/casait

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