“Chevron: AIDS is Going To Lose” Contest, $100,000 in Prizes

Chevron believes AIDS is going to lose, and they want your help to make that happen. They are not looking for commercials. They are not looking for videos about Chevron. They are looking for contagious optimism. They are looking for people who agree that HIV/AIDS can be beaten, and who will help spread the word through their stories. Create a video, 1-5 minutes long, of why and/or how you think AIDS is going to lose. Not only is this cause worthy of some great videos all on its own, but it is also the biggest prize pool that Zooppa has ever had. Ten prizes totaling $100,000 including $40,000 for the top prize, $25,000 second prize, and $15,000 for third. This is a fantastic opportunity to help change the world for the better by creating some really inspiring films. Read all the details on the brief page.

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