Closing the gender gap with AR

Creating statues of influential women just got a lot easier thanks to AR.

Women constitute a mere 8 percent of statues in the United States, and most of them aren’t even real. The ad agency, Y&R decided to change that by working with Current Studios in developing a new mobile app that uses augmented reality (AR) to create virtual statues of influential women.

The Whole Story Project empowers users to create these virtual sculptures of women and place them in historical locations for others to view through their mobile devices. As of right now, users would need to create their own virtual statue on third party software before uploading it to the Whole Story Project website, but the agency says that won’t be the case for long.

Ever since the launch of the app, over 30 statues have been placed in the U.S. and Europe. Women like Amelia Earhart and Lorraine Hansberry have been created and users can read information about each woman through the app.

“To us, statuary presented an opportunity to close the gender gap in a very real, very visual way, it also gave us the unique opportunity to honor the remarkable women who came before us in a way that can inspire generations of women to come.” Leslie Sims, chief creative officer of Y&R North America.

Take a look at the story:


Chantal Wong

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