Coming Soon: Affordable RAW Digital Camera

Hold on to your hats. The lion shall lie down with the lamb, and the heavens shall rain grape Kool-Aid, because the promised day is at hand.

Starting in July, you can buy a RAW camera on a one-man-studio budget.

Cool dudes over at Digital Bolex (part of Bolex, longtime camera manufacturer) have successfully raised over $250,000 via Kickstarter to make the dream of so many film nerds a reality.

The RAW Deal

According to Digital Bolex’s site, RAW gives filmmakers superhuman control over the look of their film.

“Like a photographic negative, a raw digital image has a wider dynamic range, or color gamut, than the eventual final image format, and it preserves most of the information of the captured image.”

Basically, you’ll be able to control EVERYTHING about how your film looks. The black levels, the color saturation, color temperature, and other things you can’t even conceive of yet. You’ll be able to set these minutely, and reset them easily, so every project has its own look and feel.

Or develop your own groundbreaking custom settings, and hoard them so that only you can deliver that particular look and feel.

Happy filming!

Meme E


  1. Check out Black Magic Designs’s entry into the RAW Camera department. I’m all for the Bolex, but they still don’t have a production prototype ready, and the release date keeps getting pushed back. The guys at Black Magic are promising their camera will ship in July offer 12 Bit Raw recording at 2.5k, and record to standard SSD drives, and offer a ton of great features including 13 stops of dynamic range.
    Definitely a great time to be an independent film maker.


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