Congrats to Tech Deck Winners!

Well it’s finally that time. I had no idea we had such talented fingerboard artists in our midst! The Tech Deck “Never Stop Skating” contest was a huge success, and the clients were super happy.

Congratulations to all the winners, but most especially to…

1st Place – UpNextStudios for “The Boardroom” – $1500

2nd Place – Vituc for “Fingerboarding Spirit” – $700

3rd Place – JNCFilms for “Pops” – $300

4th Place – GregorK for “Master Skater” – $200

5th Place – APSCHWAR for “Never Stop Skating” – $200

6th Place – WatchingTerry for “Brother & Sister” – $200

Best Fingerboarding – iowalove for “Injury” – $500

2nd Best Fingerboarding – MavrikJoos for “Rainy Day” – $300

3rd Best Fingerboarding – alexfurrh for “Street Signs” – $200

Meme E


  1. Congrats to all the winners.. Am really really impressed with the speed at which results where released on this particular contest, I hope this trend cuts across others to come.. Keep up the good work Zooppa

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