Congratulations Office Live Winners

Greetings Zooppa Community!

The Microsoft competition has closed, and we are really excited about the great ads that all of you submitted. Thanks for helping us make this a successful competition! We have tallied all of the votes and are pleased to announce the winners. Congratulations!


Video Awards

Office Live Video Award – 1st Place – $3000
Where Can I Sign Up? by zeek

Office Live Video Award – 2nd Place – $1500
The Internet is Scary by zeek

Office Live Video Award – 3rd Place – $1000
Office Live Small Business by JGJ_Media

Office Live Video Award – 4th Place – $500
Bob and Nigel Going Online with Microsoft by Shackers

Zooppa Video Award – $500
Are Those Sales? by karges

Community Video Award – 1st Place – $500
Office Live II by toskana18

Community Video Award – 2nd Place – $350
The Internet is Scary by zeek

Community Video Award – 3rd Place – $200
onAir the Film by fremantle

Community Video Award – 4th Place – $150
Don’t Let This Happen to You by XCpuckstopper35

Community Video Award – 5th Place – $75
Do You Want? by gianmarco98

Community Video Award – 6th Place – $50
Sleep…Finally by XCpuckstopper35

Community Video Award – 7th Place – $50
OH YES by alemeux

Community Video Award – 8th Place – $50
“Real” Life Business Tools by zeek

Print Awards

Office Live Print Award – 1st Place – $400
Budget Plan by Cicciput

Office Live Print Award – 2nd Place – $350
Thankfully They Have a Web Presence by karges

Office Live Print Award – 3rd Place – $200
Maybe They Should Just Go to Your Site by karges

Zooppa Print Award – $300
Dead Fish by HenryNahurski

Community Print Award – 1st Place – $300
Sometimes Small is Better by fez

Community Print Award – 2nd Place – $200
More Voice to Business by pinomerenda

Community Print Award – 3rd Place – $150
OnAir by fremantle

Community Print Award – 4th Place – $75
Besides You by stefygraf

Community Print Award – 5th Place – $50
Small Business Will Grow Up by PIKNIK

Community Print Award – 6th Place – $50
Office Light by gianmarco98

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