Congratulations to the Official Cap-Sac Competition Winners!


The time has come to announce the winners of the Cap-Sac competition. We really appreciate everyone’s participation. Thanks for helping make the Cap-Sac competition such a success. And congratulations to the winners!

Cap-Sac Awards

First Prize – Flip Mino Camcorder
“Who Needs a Backpack” by XCBuckstopper35

Second Prize – Special Prizes
“William H. Buxster on Cap-Sac” by Buxster

Community Awards – Video

First Prize – Special Prizes
“Cap-Sac in Color” by Henry Nahurski

Second Prize – Special Prizes
“A Pocket Without the Pants” by drum1080

Community Awards

First Prize – Special Prizes
“Exhibitionist” by Bardak

Second Prize – Special Prizes
“Gotcha!” by Lexar

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