Content Dethrowned – Part Duex

So the title of this blog series isn’t all that accurate. You should have something interesting to convey to the audience. Content matters to a certain extent. However, it’s really how one presents the content that speaks to the audience. Who would actually care about a gopher unless it had a sinister soundtrack attached to its video?

In my last post I mentioned a forum post that inspired this series of blogs. In it I mention–in not so many words–that a great idea should be at the forefront of the video you’re making. The mission of the brief should still be visible but a wacky idea wrapping around the brief’s mission would benefit your chances of winning.

One of my favorite examples is the Lunch Interrogation for the Hormel contest. The wacky idea is that a mom is being questioned by the police for her day’s accomplishments. I know that it’s obvious that this is funny. What’s not obvious is how to make an idea like this work or how to even think of the idea to make an irrational situation into an ad.

I’ve been googling “how to make a viral video” a lot today. I found a recent article on how to do this in 5 steps. I did not like the spirit of this guy’s post. Basically he says youtube has failed at making quality videos now since any good video will yield a bunch of copy cats. Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery? All this guy wants is to weed out the imitators to view the original videos.

I could care less. I use my friends for that. They always manage to send me awesome stuff. Maybe he has no friends.

So to make a viral video he says: juggle and add some top 40 song to it and BAM! you got a viral video. The only thing I agree with is the fact that if you’re going to use music in your video, then it should fit the mood and tone of your piece. He’s even offering $1,000 to someone that does it. I don’t know if this makeshift contest is still going. Would be interesting to research more but I’m out of time.

Even the Wall Street Journal has produced an article about making a viral video….seriously. Although they don’t go into the inner workings of quality video making, they do provide some hints about the process after uploading your video. You should provide regular content to your audience and links to that content. And when creating the title of the video be true to the content. Meaning if you make a video about people with no pants riding on the subway, then you should call it “No Pants Subway Ride.” You know…something short, catchy and describes your video well.

My points in short:
1. Take a crazy, hilarious, out of the box idea and make it fit into your mission.
2. Be careful about your musical choice and remember at ZOOPPA, you must have the rights to your music.
3. Promote and make your video easy to understand through the title.

And we have a forum open for discussion here. Let me know what you think.

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