Contiki: Your Stories Are Here! And so are your Awards!

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So another one of our contests has come to an end, and we at Zooppa would like to thank all of you who contributed. We had a lot fantastically awesome submissions for Contiki, and we encourage you guys to keep up the good work for future competitions! Check out 6 of Contiki's favorite videos below! Before We Grow Old: By: Tornograph, $6,000 Award Tall Tales From Thailand: By: Stadium, $4,000 Award Contiki: The Musical By: MyMediaGuy, $2,500 The European Experience By: Key10, $1,500 Award Contiki Stories By: Lodeiros, $500 Award It's Never Too Late To Try Some By: Peter18, $500 Award Would you like to tell a story of your own? Check out our current contests here!

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