Creative Profile: Zeek Earl

Zooppa is excited to introduce one of our newest Creative Community members. Zeek is a Seattle-based filmmaker who has submitted some great work in the short time that he has been a part of Zooppa. Zeek says: “I just really, really love making things. […] I dont have a job at a big design firm, but I can go online and make commercials for major organizations, like Microsoft, which is great. [Zooppa] really challenges me creatively, these are projects that I can put in my portfolio and at the end of the day, I might even make a little bit of money.”

The Zooppa Creative Profiles Series highlights some of the best and brightest Zooppa Community Members. The Creative Profiles are a great way for you to learn more about your peers and competitors: what inspires them to create, what they have accomplished outside of Zooppa, their take on the future of advertising, and other compelling tidbits.

Zooppa Creative Profiles

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