Daily Dose of Actimel, a Danone Dream

Hey Zooppers! Our counterparts over in Brazil have a new contest up that they think would be valuable for you to participate in. The contest is for a product called Danone, a French multinational company, world leader in fresh dairy products. Danone’s mission is to provide health and nutrition worldwide.  You may recognize their hugely popular yogurt product Activia.

Danone is calling on Zooppers everywhere to create compelling arguments in the form of 60 second videos, as well as print and banner ads to promote the daily use of Actimel. So what is Actimel? Actimel contains the unique probiotic LC defensive acts on the intestinal flora by creating balance. According to experts at the University of Turku, this type of bacteria helps to regulate the gastrointestinal tract, the main entry of bacteria into the bloodstream and helps fight infection and disease. It is worth clarifying that probiotics work in gut flora which are 70% of our defenses. The intestine is the part of the human body that has more contact with the external environment and therefore the place where most of the attackers invade the body.

In completing the various forms of submissions, print and video, it may be worthwhile to target the ads towards mothers, for their own consumption as well as their families. Mothers are a families biggest protector against sickness and health issues, so these are the people we want to encourage to use Danone.

To compete for 12,000 dollars in prizes, and for complete contest details head to Brazil’s contest page at http://zooppa.com.br/contests/actimel-danone. 

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