D&D Next Video Contest Awards Announced!

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Thanks to all of our contest participants! The results are in and the winners have been selected!

Congratulations to our winners, you have leveled up!


1st place | $6,000 – the King of Games by: grahamtheham

2nd place | $3,000 – D&D Next! by: dareddragon


3rd place | $1,500 – Cupcake by: LyricHead

4th place | $750 – The Whiteboard Review by: potterama

5th place | $750 – Everybody’s Playing D&D Next by: shiftey

6th place | $500 – Mordenkainen’s Tips for every Adventurer by: Sdanaher2012

7th place | $500 – The Ambush by: Hadafang

8th place | $500 – Your Game. Your Way. by: Kiel_Chenier


Head to our awards page to see the Voter Awards.

To enter a contest of your own head over to our contest page.

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