Degree Do:More Closes Tomorrow + Siemens: Urban Ideas

Hi All! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. See any good movies?

Anyhow, the Degree Do:More contest wraps up tomorrow (08/06) at 4pm PST. Graphic Designers…submit, submit, submit! There is $5,000 up for the taking. Don’t forget to submit your PSDs to support@zooppa.com.

For those of you that are filmmakers, Siemens: Urban Ideas is the way to go. The inspiration for today is…community gardens brought to you by Tyler, our Twitter guru who specializes in urban ideas discussions. Find him on our Twitter if you’d like to bounce ideas off of someone or to just chat about anything, really (please keep it rated G).

Community gardens have become increasingly more common in urban areas as more people are engaging in sustainable living. Here’s an interesting article from NYDailyNews.com. I hope this sparks some ideas! Check back tomorrow for another inspiration.

Don’t forget to include the human element to urban inventions. Siemens is looking for a true story. If you have any questions about the contest, you can always reach out on the forum.

Until tomorrow,



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