Eat, Drink & Be Covered Winners Announced

The winners are in for the Pepto-Bismol competition! It was a really successful competition, and we all had a lot of fun with it! The tagline behind the campaign was “Eat, Drink & Be Covered”, and everyone took that and got really creative! The Pepto-Bismol Team said, “There was some tremendous work submitted for the Pepto-Bismol contest. After watching all of the videos (one of the more fun days we have had in a long time), there were a couple that really stood out.”

Drum roll please… and the winners are…

The 1st place Client Award went to Zoopppa user “reellance” with WOAH… These spots are very funny, clever and centered around a great concept! The series featured Game Day, Thanksgiving, New Years and Christmas spots highlighting moments during these events where you would say “woah”. At the end, the moment you realize you’ve eaten too much, you really say WOAH, and need Pepto. “This spot put everything together – great consumer insight, terrific production and great use of humor. The “woah” moments are something that everyone can relate to, which really opens people’s minds to the advertising”- The Pepto-Bismol Team

The 2nd place Client Award went to Zooppa member petemack. The campaign Pep Talk is very funny, and also a great concept. These spots feature great voice talent giving different people “Pep Talks” in the mirror, and telling them to get back out there! “Loved the idea behind this.  It really made Pepto the hero and was executed in an entertaining and humorous manner that is consistent with the brand’s tone.”- The Pepto-Bismol Team

The 3rd place Client Award went to Zooppa member tshort. The campaign, “Don’t Worry, There’s Pepto Bismol!” brings a hilarious spin to the holidays. This campaign takes a normal holiday scene and ruins it, with a very simple and funny visual. This does a great job showing the benefit the product can bring to the holidays. “These spots brought to life a real consumer experience in an unexpected and entertaining manner. Even after watching them multiple times, it still makes me smile.”- The Pepto-Bismol Team

The 4th place Client Award: Zooppa member HoofSC “Any Season, Any Occasion” “Sometimes the best advertising is a simple idea that is done with brilliance – as is the case here.  The production quality was outstanding and the humor at the end tied everything together.”- The Pepto-Bismol Team

The 5th place Client Award: Zooppa member CraigMCF “Pepto Puppets.” “This was a really fun spot.  I was extremely impressed by the detail in the production. Very well done.” – The Pepto-Bismol Team

And finally the Zooppa Award! This was a tough one for us at Zooppa, because there were so many good entries. But the winner of the Zooppa award goes to Zooppa user Norman_Invasion, with Holidays…In Space. This campaign was a favorite with the Zooppa staff! It is a very “far out” idea, that really works. It uses a very serious voice talent that fits the campaign and the message perfectly. The writing is simple, funny, relate-able and gets the point across. It is a very solid campaign that could work for any holiday!

This was a really fun competition, that came out with great results! Thank you to everyone who participated, and we can’t wait to see what you guys bring to our future competitions! For a full list of all the winners and honorable mentions click here!

“Sometimes a great experience is worth a bit of stomach trouble, particularly when you have a witty friend like Pepto to pick you up.”

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