Everything that Zooppa can do for you: Tell us your dreams!

There is one thing we’ll never get tired to underline, and here we are in fact, ready to do it: zoppers’ vote is sure the main source of prizing, but one of the three theoretical possible sources. The other two are the prizes chosen by the Zooppa staff and – Enel’s contest novelty – the prize chosen by the company. This last one is not sure to be up every time (we rather hope so), but certainly it’s a possibility Enel is giving now, up to claiming itself willing to a true achievement!

It seems that everyone (us too sometimes!) often underestimates these further possibilities of win, earnings and auto-promotion… in addition naturally to the BIG DREAM of every zoopper: clients choosing for real one of your works for their campaign!

If every one (us too sometimes!) could value to the whole, we could live more serenely community’s votes. Seniority included, which is meant to be a “improving corrective” in the name of the value created by each zoopper, but it’s not going to be the resolute and definitive solution, neither after a further calibration fase, just because in the end it’s always up to you to give the votes.

After all: right, contests and results of prizing are the heart of  Zooppa and its main motivation source, but not the only thing that matters to a zoopper. Nay!

There are also many other motivations and opportunities Zooppa offers and we care a lot to point them out:

to be known in the world of professionals and companies

to improve techniques and fantasy

to learn from others

to have real fun: to have a big laugh as well as to think trough

to collaborate with other creative talents

to swap constructive opinions on own and others works

to swap material, tools and useful info

to get always into challenge

to experiment languages and techniques


We would like to know all your zooppers’ dreams!

Because we’re convinced that your presence on Zooppa isn’t stimulated only by contests winnings, but by far more.  And because our engagement is to look for, within our forces limit, helping you to come your dreams true. We also are, with you, growing.

Zooppa offers already so many possibilities and we care them all. It’s up to each one of you now discover them … and pick those which are closer to oneself. For some of you it can be only voting friends’works, for others taking 100% of what Zooppa can offer. What about you? What dreams do you have? Let’s confront ourselves.

A big big hug from who loves you so.

Zooppa Staff

Meme E

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  1. I have completely change my lifestyle: now I feel my mind, my heart, my body are so alive. I descovered a gushing source of creativity, ideas, projects inside me. Is there anybody looking for new ideas in a huge rank of fields (communication, art, culture, tourism, theatre, radio, internet, education, entertainment, ect)?We can match! My dream is to meet people to collaborate with in order to put into practice at least 1% of my brilliant ideas!

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