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So, it is that time of the week again, FRIDAY! Woohoo! Which could mean many things, maybe your off to Vegas for the weekend, or possibly you are already at your favorite happy hour spot. But as for us at Zooppa, Friday means it is time for our second Design Post-and then we will be off to happy hour. This week I have something really cool to share with you guys! Well, hopefully every week I have something really cool to share, but I’m really excited about this one, I think many of you will find it very useful. I discovered this little gem, called RetouchLIVE, this summer when I had the chance to take classes in Seattle at one of our partner schools, School of Visual Concepts. I took a photoshop class with the very talented, okay…GENIUS, photoshop guru Jason Hoppe. He can literally do anything in photoshop, and well, all of Creative Suite, and all faster than you can even blink. But, the point is he turned us on to a very cool podcast of his, RetouchLIVE.

RetouchLIVE is completely free, and allows you to access 31 different projects Jason has worked on. They range from old family portraits, concert photos, wedding photos and many others. The great thing about it, is they are all live, hence the name, RetouchLIVE. You get to watch him go to work on each project, and he also explains every step along the way. The screen also shows keyboard shortcuts, so it is easier to follow along with what he is doing. Jason throws in many little tricks and tips in each video as well, not to mention he is pretty entertaining. RetouchLIVE is a great way to see and hear how a professional goes about solving photoshop dilemmas. With all the 31 different episodes, Jason goes over pretty much every tool and demonstrates how it is used. Watching this is like having your own private teacher! Another cool thing is that all the photos that are re-touched have been sent in by viewers. So if you have a photo you need some help with-send it in, and it might be the newest podcast!

Even if you consider yourself an expert photoshopper, I guarantee you will learn something from RetouchLIVE. Whether he is piecing together a ripped wedding photograph from 50 years ago, adding a hand to the lead singer in a concert photo or adjusting the lighting on wild Rams, Jason can do it, and do it very well. And with the help of RetouchLIVE, you can do it too!

So if your having trouble with any tools or just want some inspiration for your next print piece, check out RetouchLIVE, I’m sure it will help. If you don’t have the chance to take a class from Jason, the next best thing is to utilize RetouchLIVE… however he does bring homemade chocolate chip cookies to class, which is the only drawback of RetouchLIVE.

I hope this helps with whatever you are currently working on, and hopefully it will help if your working on our current Crocs competition, which has a print piece to it! Have a good weekend everyone! And if anyone has any topics they want me to cover in the future, feel free to let us know on here, facebook or twitter!

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