Fake Advertising = Real Advertising

Do you remember those cute ads for Lots O Hugging Bear from the 80’s? If you don’t, it may be that you’re too young. If you do remember them, it may be that you’re too old…because they never happened.

In a clever viral ad campaign for the upcoming movie Toy Story 3, Pixar is seeding fake ads for the product that look like they were made in the 1980’s.

This represents a new take on social media marketing- as a brand is looking to raise awareness through fake nostalgia. All advertising seeks to create a connection with its audience, but Pixar is looking to do this by creating an atmosphere of nostalgia. It’s a fake ad for a fake product, used to promote a real movie.

Pixar’s recreation of a 1980’s atmosphere is very thorough. It couldn’t have been easy. The production crew made sure that the hairdo’s, clothes & furnishings accurately followed early 1980’s trends- but the lighting effects, film quality & text fonts are also highly reminiscent of the styles of that period.

Taking your concepts to past decades can help filmmakers find new ideas. BuckRogers’ Captain Wingpack series for the Webtel.mobi Challenge competition is a great example. BuckRogers faithfully satirized 1950’s science fiction in this series. It’s a heck of a challenge, but mimicking styles of the past can bring great results.

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