Fundraising Made Easy!

OK, maybe not easy, but definitely accessible. And in order to fund a lot of your own projects you’ll need viable solutions to raise that mystery money. Most of which can be obtained through the power of online funding platforms. Which is a whole heck of a lot easier than throwing on the old bathing suit for a local car wash, although a little sun wouldn’t hurt.

When it comes down to it, it’s the business part of film-making, and even though most creative types want to focus on developing ideas and soaking in the artistic experience, there’s still a load of work to be done before you can actually make what you want to make.

Online Fundraising Platforms

Convincing others to fund your project is no easy task, but with the help of sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, your dreams of bringing a flying motorcycle to the big screen can be realized.

  • Kickstarter (founded in 2008) is a website that helps fund independent projects of all kinds. It requires the basics you would need to make a pitch to a room full of intimidating investors. Best part is, you don’t actually have to be there!
  • You must create a video or write a description for your movie idea and present all that would seem enticing to funders. This is the main pitch. Often times film-makers will produce a short trailer or promo that shows the primary style they are looking to produce. This can bode well for first time filmmakers, you want to put your mad-skills on display.
  • Now you have to set a goal, how much do you need to feed your crew and travel? This overall goal must be achieved within a certain time frame. And if someone donates to your project you must give them something in return. Lower amounts typically mean something pretty simple like a movie poster or production still, and a higher amount gets them package deals like a producer credit, DVD, and poster.
  • Finally, if the project doesn’t meet it’s fundraising goal by the deadline then all funds will be canceled and you’ll just have to play the reboot card.

Do your best to find some credibility for the project, investors want a sure bet, and getting endorsements from industry professionals will certainly help your cause. But before you get to all that, double check the project at hand and make sure it’s ready for the big leagues!


  • Actor Matthew Lillard recently made his directorial debut with an independent film called Fat Kid Rules The World, and in order to get funding for the feature he went out and shot a short version of it. Take a look below!

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