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Hi everybody. Zooppa’s position about the vote theme is already known, but it’s reasonable to say it again, for the benefit of clearness and of the new zooppers.

Zooppa is interested in advertising creativity in all its forms, as well as your videos, print and radio ads would be seen and heard from as many as possible. In every way. On our website, but also on every platform of videosharing, imagesharing e social networks.

The mechanism of diffusion, infused or spontaneous, of your works, is the basis of Zooppa itself. Brands launch contests on Zooppa also because, with all the works users create, they know there will be diffusion. Diffusion that is, for them (and also for us, for you… for everyone), a form of publicity.

If we would remove the voting on the community and would give everything to a jury, we would remove also the spur to this diffusion, to the promotion of your creativity, and then Zooppa would be less attractive to brands and companies… And to that point, without clients… what would we all do, you and we?

Inviting friends and aficionados to vote our works, in fact, is not only allowed, but also desirable. It’s a way to diffuse. But only one. The most immediate one, but also – if you let us say – the less creative one. It helps you to win one or more contests but not to get out of the circle you’re already inserted. From you we expect something more, also in the benefit of yourselves.

Being subscribed to one or more social networks or to 2.0 platforms (like myspace, neurona, linkedin, flickr, youtube, facebook etc), having a personal blog, participate in a forum… Having a look on visibility, which goes also beyond Zooppa, is another way to make works popular and to find consents. Why not exploring it? And we could consider this as another possible evolution of Zooppa…

Overcome mailing lists and try testing your ideas’ virality! We think it’s a brave but not much considered way to interpret the participation in a contest. So true it is that the sharing functions we made available to you all, they’re not much used. 

If one wants to limit his own actions to his circle of friends, ok, it’s a legitimate choice and – as already said – unquestionable on what concerns our rules.

One can as well – for a thousand of reasons – not want to promote himself, preferring his works to be voted without any kind of internal or external publicity, and this is another choice… Maybe pointing a Honorable Mention, a Big Zooppa Award or to get the attention of our client directly. Also in this case, there’s no problem at all (besides the eventual prize it can be useful as a kind of personal credit book). But, why not making a little sharing the same?

In substance each one is free to interpret his participation in Zooppa as he better thinks. Cetri’s intervention looks very equilibrated to us when he says: “As for me, it’s better participating in the contests to have comments, and hoping to win the prizes assigned by the client or by the Zooppa staff, because it’s necessary to do so much public relation, inside and outside Zooppa, to stay between the most voted. (…) My advice is that each one goes his way, serenely. Who wants to invite people to be voted, do it though”.

It’s frustrating, we know, to see videos, print or radio ads gaining so many votes in so little time, climbing up the charts in an inexorable way… There’s the sensation that it will never be possible a real competition. That’s why seniority system was introduced, wanted by many of you and fully supported by us, to balance this mechanism.

Isn’t seniority good enough? Maybe. After the Enel contest this mechanism will be revised, and we’ll try to get it better, maybe unbalancing even more active user and occasional user (it’s just an idea).

Well, if an active part of the community is tired of seeing always the same zooppers at the top, it’s enough to stop voting for them. Everyone is free to do that. As for us, it would be great if votes would always be given to works, not to people. This is the policy of Zooppa. We would like to see it adopted by every user, active or occasional users the same. But we cannot force anyone, we can just suggest. But attention! Don’t mix up your mood, standard or point of view, with unfounded accusations of incorrectness.

We hear you talk about quality and quantity as contrary concepts (and it really happens often) but there’s a meeting point and we would like to show it to you telling you our dream. That is finding one day, in our mailbox, a mail like this from a friend: “Hey, look at this ad! It’s really cool!”… and this being an ad created on Zooppa. Wouldn’t you like it to be yours? But if you keep it just to yourselves, how will it be diffused? And if you would be really able to “break the walls of indifference”, couldn’t this make the client and the professional world thinking something like “wow, who made this stuff is a genius!”? And if this genius would turn to be really you, you wouldn’t use this success to get better and to grow professionally?

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  1. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

    Robert Michel

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