Guerrilla Marketing…What Is It?

Ever heard of guerrilla marketing? If you haven’t, my apologies, it has nothing to do with large apes promoting products. Sorry again if the picture misled you. (Yes, unfortunately there is a difference between “guerrilla” and “gorilla”)

Sometimes companies think it’s more cost effective and compelling to take their efforts to the streets. Literally. That’s where guerilla marketing comes in to play. In layman’s terms, it’s an advertising strategy where unconventional methods are used to catch people’s attention in public places. Now you can feel smart and cool next time you spot that weird promotional stunt on the sidewalk.

A brilliant guerrilla campaign can almost convince us that we aren’t looking at an advertisement, yet makes the product almost impossible to ignore.

Three examples of very different but very genius guerrilla marketing campaigns: 

1.) 3M – Security Glass (agency unknown)

Who knows if that’s real money, but judging by the apparent attempts to break in… signs are pointing towards yes. One man took a 30 foot run at it and still couldn’t break it. This promo created buzz and got worldwide attention: just what 3M was looking for.

2.) Covergirl – Lashblast Mascara (by Saatchi & Saatchi Canada)

What better way to take an everyday object such as a turnstile and relate it to a product women use everyday? This was a smart move by Covergirl, even if it’s not as big and flamboyant as other stunts we’ve seen.

3.) Campaign Against Landmines – Ketchup (by Publicis Mojo)

Although it may be a wee bit controversial to compare land mines to ketchup, the point of this promotional stunt was to bring awareness-even if it left the consumer with no appetite. Pretty inventive if you ask me.

So where is advertising going next?

Will we divulge in even more outlandish mediums? Will our pets be the next victims of advertising? Nah, let’s start with our faces:

Well, we will never really know… but it seems as though ever its inception, guerrilla marketing has given us something fun and actually exciting to look at while moseying down the city streets. Hopefully it will take on more creative approaches like we’ve seen recently.

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