Hogwarts Says Thank You! A Shout Out to All HP Kinect Contest Participants!

Congratulations to all of you who submitted your score to the Harry Potter Kinect competition!! Its official… you have made it into the elite club of Dumbledore’s army! The submissions were the last challenge and now all of you are the next leaders in the fight against darkness!


But now back to more muggle like business; a true thank you to everyone who spent time and energy making their score. Each submission was amazing and the music created truly has the ability to bring magic to life. While listening, I was transported through the walls of Hogwarts and saw the great hall shinning with glory. It takes unbelievable creativity to compose a score and all of us at Zooppa are proud of each and every submission!

We consider everyone a winner at Zooppa, but there are those who will be cash prize winners, so get EXCITED! Imagine what you could buy with your winnings:

A trip to Universal Orlando to go see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

 Plane tickets to London to try to find platform 9 and 3/4 (we all know it exists)!

Or you can even purchase this baby. A $500 thirty-one disc BlueRay special edition set!!

Wowzer! Now that is some awesome stuff!

So Zoopsters, a big thank you again for all your hard work! Now go out and play some quidditch and enjoy the rest of your summer! If you are still into the movie making, then check out all the other great video contests we have going on here at Zooppa!!

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