Hormel Compleats contest launches today

We’ve just launched the Hormel Compleats video contest!

Just about everyone these days knows a working mom who does it all, balancing her family, her job and her own needs of personal fulfillment. She takes pride in preparing nutritious meals for her family and holds herself to the same high standard when it comes to lunch at work. Hormel Compleats allow modern moms to have a satisfying lunchtime meal with quality meats and vegetables, in minutes.

Your mission is to create a 30-second video that will make multi-tasking modern women want to try Hormel Compleats for lunch during the week. Your video should emphasize that Hormel Compleats are not frozen or refrigerated and therefore are the more versatile than traditional frozen meals.

Contest Details:

Prizes: $18,000 in awards, $8,000 Grand Prize, $1,000 Sharing Prize and $2,000 for voter’s choice awards!
Closing Date: March 25th, 2011
Type of Contest: Video

To find out more go to the Hormel Compleats brief page.

Questions? Check out the Hormel contest forum.

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