Instagram surpasses Snapchat in Users

In just less than 9 months, Instagram Stories manages to surpass Snapchat in daily active users. 

Instagram stories recently reached over 200 million daily users, surpassing the 160 daily users that Snapchat debuted with during their IPO. Instagram launched a copycat of the ephemeral Snapchat Story concept in August 2016, just 9 months ago.

Instagram hit about 100 million daily users in October, just 3 months after launching, and hit 150 million dailies in January. There are no signs of its growth slowing. Every update that Snapchat has rolled out over the past year, Instagram has matched. Instagram recently rolled out the augmented reality stickers, a feature that Snapchat rolled out just last year. The only thing left for Instagram to copy is the selfie filters, something that Facebook has already launched on their version of stories in the past month.

As you can see on this timeline, Instagram is gaining speed when it comes to copying Snapchat’s features:

Stories: Lag — 2 years 10 months

  • Snapchat — October 2013
  • Instagram — August 2016

Location Filters: Lag — 1 year 9 months

  • Snapchat — July 2014
  • Instagram — March 2016

AR Stickers: Lag — 1 year

  • Snapchat — April 2016
  • Instagram — April 2017

Create-Your-Own-Stickers: Lag — 4 months

  • Snapchat — December 2016
  • Instagram — April 2017

So what exactly does this mean for consumers? All eyes are on Snapchat as they will be presenting their first quarter’s earnings on May 10th, for the first time since going public. Since Instagram has eclipsed Snapchat’s daily active users, it would be no surprise to see advertisers making the switch to Instagram instead.


Chantal Wong

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