Jones Soda Launches Two Innovative Ad Campaigns With Zooppa

SEATTLE, May 4, 2009 — Zooppa.com, a social network for user-generated advertising, has successfully completed two ad campaigns for Seattle-based Jones Soda.

User-generated content is second nature to Jones Soda, best known for printing real photos of their consumers on bottles of Jones. When it came time to extend this idea into advertising, it was only natural for Jones to team up with Zooppa and reach out to the creative minds of Zooppa members.

In their first campaign, Jones gave Zooppa members (known as Zooppers) free rein to redefine the Jones Soda brand as they envisioned it.

In the second campaign, Zooppers were given the challenge of launching Jones GABA, a new natural performance drink designed to increase mental focus and clarity for athletes and gamers.

With campaign briefs in hand, Zooppers from around the world dove deep inside the Jones brand, creating hundreds of original videos, banner ads and print ads that they posted to Zooppa.com. They also posted to blogs, video sharing sites and all across the social web, generating visibility and engagement with their creative work as well as with Jones Soda and Jones GABA.

According to Jones Soda’s CEO, Steve Jones, “The coolest part of working with the Zooppa community is seeing all the different and amazing ways people are able to interpret our brand. You get inside their heads and learn what people really think about Jones and what we stand for. It’s been an educational experience for us in many ways, especially in terms of where the Jones story can go.”

The ads Zooppers created for Jones Soda and Jones GABA are available at these URLs:

Jones Soda: http://www.zooppa.com/contests/jones-redefined

Jones GABA: http://www.zooppa.com/contests/jones-gaba

About Zooppa

Zooppa is the first company to combine social networking and user-generated advertising. Through a creative community over 40,000 people strong, Zooppa offers an innovative new advertising model that connects brands and creatives all over the world. The Zooppa community is made up of people who are passionate about great creative work and the influence and engagement that comes along with sharing it with peers, colleagues and the social web. Zooppa members are invited to create ads for sponsoring brands in a variety of media including video, print, and banner ads. Zooppa community members vote for their favorite ads, the creators of which win cash prizes and gain valuable industry recognition.

For more information, visit http://www.zooppa.com

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