Key Lessons learned from the Emmys 2016

Variety TV critics Maureen Ryan and Sonia Saraiya broke down the 68th annual Emmys and here are a couple of key takeaways.

The first biggest takeaway? Diversity works. “The roster of Emmy winners reflects an amazing array of perspectives and realities,” Ryan says. Saraiya ads on, “One of the more pernicious myths about hiring a diverse array of performers and creators is that its only value is politically correct image management. The 2016 Emmys rather emphatically made the point that this is not the case. Diversity hiring—to use that awkward and clunky term—can make for incredible television.”

Antihero tales no longer dominate the Emmys like they did not too long ago as well. Shows like “Breaking Bad” or “Mad Men”. This year, similar antihero shows like “House of Cards” were nominated but none of them won.

Another key takeaway? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Jimmy Kimmel was able to host the show seamlessly, “he was self-deprecating without being fawning of his audience, and he was sharp without being what sometimes reads as recklessly mean from other comedians” says Ryan. Keep Jimmy Kimmel as the host.

Go take a look at the rest of Ryan and Saraiya’s thoughts in Variety.

Emmy Rehearsal by Alan Light is under creative commons 2.0


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