Facebook Reactions: ‘Love’ instead of ‘Like’ 💖

DTR…Define the relationship. With Facebook.

Ever wonder why the heck some stuff is on your newsfeed? Facebook has a special algorithm based off of your Likes and now they’re switching over to base it off your reactions. Remember when we all wished there was a dislike button? Facebook created their reactions buttons a little more than a year ago and now these buttons trump Facebook Likes in deciding what type of content you will see.

This means you might want to start reacting with Love more instead of simply liking a post to change what you want to see in your newsfeed. Be warned, however; Facebook will be able to sell advertising space based off of your reactions. It might just be one more reason to avoid reacting to something in order to protect your privacy.

Take a look at the full article from Telegraph!

Chantal Wong

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