Los Angeles Film Festival opens today!

Los Angeles is a notoriously difficult spot to host a film festival and it’s on the move again this year. But LA Film Festival director, Stephanie Allain, doesn’t want you to be confused. The festival director has run the event since 2012, and this year it will host its screenings across Culver City at a variety of Arclight Cinemas.

The LAFF has struggled to find their own identity over the past couple of years as well as the ability to book the flashiest independent films. Competition is incredibly high at this time, especially since LAFF is right after the Cannes. Big movie stars weren’t in any of the films either. Last year, however, Allain decided to shift their mission and focused on giving undiscovered female directors and filmmakers a chance to show their films.

Despite the risks, it turned out to be successful as ticket sales were up 30%. Allain claims that people are hungrier for authentic stories. Movie stars simply don’t matter as story-driven movies.

LAFF’s identity continues to strive to bring diversity to the mainstream, and they are able to continue this year after year.

Not sure which films to watch tonight? Allain’s recommends “Tracktown” and “Political Animals”.

Find out more information about the LAFF in the Los Angeles Times.


FILM FESTIVAL – VIENNA by Johnny utha is under CC by 2.0

Chantal Wong

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