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It’s October and all the jack-o-laterns and fake spider webs are making their way out of the storage bins and back onto your front porch. It’s also the season to binge watch as many horror movies as you possibly can manage.

If you’re a Halloween and horror fanatic, this new film festival might just become your favorite film festival of the year. FearNYC will be making its debut on Friday, October 21 and it will be serving up a whole menu of freaky horror films. More than 65 films will be screened at Cinema Village and will range from family-friendly frights to oddball documentaries to big servings of nightmare-inducing classics like, “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”.

Not scared yet? Get more info from the New York Times article by Erik Piepenburg.

Comment below which horror movie you’ll be watching this month! 

Horror by Andrew Kuznetsov is under creative commons 2.0.

Chantal Wong

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