Why You Don’t Need a Video Camera to be a Filmmaker

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at filmmaking, but for one reason or another you haven’t quite gotten around to it yet? Perhaps purchasing a full set of video equipment is a bit outside of the budget, or you can’t make the time in your busy day to learn all the complexities of a video camera? Maybe you just don’t want to carry a camera around all the time waiting for inspiration to strike.

If this sounds like you, and you still want to make your own films (and maybe even enter a video contest here and there), then look no further than your mobile device. Many people are turning to their iPhones, Androids, and Blackberries for their DIY film projects because, thanks to the quality of smartphones, users no longer have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Numerous films can be found online which have been created with nothing more than an iPhone, and if you get serious about it, you could even enter the iPhone Film Festival.

Be sure to also check out the Nokia 808 PureView too, which boasts an astounding 41-megapixel camera with full HD video capabilities.

Getting Started. There are various apps catered to the world of mobile phone moviemakers. Some of my current favorites are the array of time lapse and stop motion video apps, which easily allow filmmakers on both iPhones and Androids to create quirky animations and capture long progressions of time. Apps like Lapse It and Stop-Motion are available on the Android Market, and TimeLapse and Stop Motion Café can be found in the App Store.

Feeling Fancy? You’ll be delighted to learn that you can step your video game up to an entirely new level with all kinds of accessories. The Photojojo Phone Lens Series offers fisheye, telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses that are compatible with any camera phone, the iFlash easily attaches to your iPhone to for added brightness when filming in the dark, and GorillaMobile allows you to attach and mount your iPhone anywhere for stable shots! These should be enough to get you started if you want some new additions to your phone, but if you look around you can find many more. Just remember to stay focused on content over form—all you need for a great film is creativity!

GorillaMobilePhotojojo LensesiFlash

So get out there and see what you can do. Whether you’re on vacation, taking your lunch break, or just lounging around the house talking to your dog, anything around you can become a fun and interesting video to share with friends. Never underestimate you and your phone’s filmmaking potential.
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