Mediapost: Online Video Fastest Growing Medium in History

Hyperbole aside, we thought you might be interested in this article by Gavin O’Malley of Mediapost. The article is a summary of a fascinating new study by social media research consultancy Trendstream and research firm Lightspeed.

Summarizing the summary, the report shows that as many people are watching online video as watch any of the major broadcast TV networks, that user-generated content and social distribution are responsible for the medium’s rapid growth, and that users creating and watching online video are more likely to be young and well-educated, have above average income and, if they’re anything like you and us, to be incredibly attractive.

Here’s a sweet quote from Tom Smith, managing director of Trendstream: “… [The] broadcast mode is dead. Now is the time for co-creation, user distribution and a true democratization of video content.”

Sounds pretty awesome, right? You can download the complete study here.

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