Meet Kirk Mastin, the new Zooppa USA Community Manager


My name is Kirk.

I am the *new* community manager at Zooppa USA.

I’m a lot like you: I make films, I’m a photographer, and I’m an excellent bass fisherman.

You can see mah works at www.kirkmastin.com and mah blog at www.lofihistyle.com

If you really want, you can see all of my latest videos at: kirkclimber.blip.tv

I’m looking forward to helping the community grow both in size and creativity.  I think Zooppa will change the world.

If you have any questions or need any help on Zooppa.com please email me.


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Meme E


  1. Welcome Kirk! Congratulations!

    So what is Tim’s new title?

  2. Hi cauthier,

    Tim is now the Community Director. He is in charge of community marketing and growing the website. Tim also whacks people with a stick.


  3. Hi Kirk,
    Welcome and congratulations :)
    Good works in lofihistyle..
    See you on zooppa..

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